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Did you know?....

Your AC unit's performance will be checked as part of the energy audit.

his performance check is beyond a typical AC service call. The actual cooling 'delivered BTU's' will be measured.

What does this mean?  Your AC unit is designed to deliver a given amount of AC cooling power (BTU per hour). It is quite common for an 'AC system' to actually deliver less than 60% of its designed cooling power (the national average is 57% per a study by the National Comfort Institute). Your AC system consists of the compressor outside, the air handler, the duct system and the filter. It is this complete system design that is measured. Remember, the AC unit typically makes up 40% of the total electric bill for homeowners in South Florida. If your AC system is not working properly, this number can reach 70% or more. For this reason, an energy audit that does not include an AC Performance Test, simply falls short of being acceptable.

Your AC unit sizing will be verified as part of the energy audit.

AC TestingMany homes have AC units that are simply too large. AC units that are too large for the home cycle on and off much more frequently. This results in unnecessary wear and tear on the system. It also doesn't allow the AC sytem to properly remove the moisture in the home. This can lead to mold and fungus growth, building material deterioration and a cold and clammy feeling. Homes that have a lower humidity level (between 50%RH and 60%RH) feel much more comfortable, even at higher thermostat settings. This saves energy and fosters a healthy indoor environment.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Performance Is Measured

Properly operating bathroom and exhaust fans can reduce the overall energy use of a home and improve the indoor air quality.

The column to the left outlines the complete list of items included in the energy audit.

Other services are also offered such as energy monitoring studies for appliances, attic environments, etc. Of course, all this information will be compiled in a report with energy saving recommendations.

It' s easy to take the first step in the home energy audit process. Simply click HERE to fill out a short form which will help us determine how useful a home energy audit will be for your home.

Home Energy Audits

Energy House Technology offers the most comprehensive home energy audits available. Your home is audited and measured as a system. While most low level audits merely inventory the appliances and building components of a home, we view the home from a building science perspective. We measure not only the energy use of the components, but how the parts of the home interact with each other.

All the building shell components are measured (walls, windows, insulation levels, etc.). This includes a thorough attic check. The building components are inspected for proper performance and installation. The building components are then combined with the appliances in the home (AC unit, water heater, lighting, etc) to help us simulate the 'expected' energy usage of the home.

Your energy billing information and our simulated 'expected' usage are combined to give us the information needed to outline a series of recommendations to lower your energy bill. We list the recommendations in our report, from the most cost effective-shortest payback, on down. Some recommendations are 'Low Cost-No Cost' measures that can be easily implemented by the home owner. Your questions on alternative measures will be answered in the report. You will have a good understanding of where your energy bill is being consumed by the report we give you. The viability of renewable energy sources such as solar will also be outlined.

Energy House Technology is a third party independent energy auditor. We have no benefit in the recommended retrofits. This means you can trust that our recommendations will be the best energy retrofits for your home, based on the data collected in the audit. Our reputation is simply built on lowering homeowner's energy bills.

What is included in the home energy audit?

  • The building shell components are measured and scanned with an IR camera (walls, windows, ceilings, etc.). This data is used to help simulate the expected energy use of the home and we determine if there are any air quality issues contributed by the building leakages, etc.
  • The insulation levels and the quality of installation are evaluated.
  • Your windows will be measured for their solar heat properties. The solar heat properties of windows can play a significant role in how much energy your home requires overall.
  • A blower door test is performed to quantify the building leakage and to locate leakage areas with an IR camera and air flow detection.
  • Room to Room pressure testing will be done to see what areas are pressurized or depressurized. These pressure differences can affect the home energy efficiency and indoor air quality.
  • An AC performance test will be done on your AC system. This includes measuring the delivered cooling power of the AC system as well as evaluation the EER performance of the AC system.
  • A duct leakage test will be performed to determine if there is a significant energy loss in your AC system due to duct leaks. When ducts are outside of the conditioned space, such as in the attic, duct leakage can contribute to air quality problems in the home.
  • A complete attic inspection is performed to verify attic insulation levels, the quality of the installation of the insulation, the level of ventilation and the condition of the air ducts if located in the attic.
  • All major appliances will be verified, including all pumps.
  • Lighting types and wattages will be inspected.
In summary, benefits of a Home Energy Audit include: reducing your energy costs, increasing your comfort level, increasing your home's resale value, improving the marketability of your home, uncovering hidden problems and helping the environment. Energy House Technology will also advise on the HERS Index for the home. To learn more about the importance of the HERS Index,click HERE.

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